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Let's Talk about the latest episode: Outlander S1E9

Outlander S1E9
Let's Talk contains spoilers.

This has been my highly anticipated continuation.
I watched the episode last night and now wait for one agonizing week to see what happens next. 
A lot happened in this episode, and just like I guessed, there is a lot of people who aren't overly thrilled about one scene in particular. If you saw the episode, you know what I am talking about.
So let's talk about the rescue; Claire's punishment; the road back; Colum vs Dougal; Laoghaire; the sex scene; and lastly, those last seconds which brings on what is going to occur!

The Rescue:
It was amazing! The filming for this scene was awesome! And, hello? Jamie's POV?! Yes, please!
But did anyone else notice Black Jack say a few words that caught my attention? He asked Jamie if he would like to join them. But not only this, he seemed more turned on by that fact that by raping Claire! This very quickly caught my attention.
But Jamie had a gun that wasn't loaded and he knocked Jack out. But then Jamie didn't kill Jack. That made me mad. Even if I hadn't read the book, I would know this is some sort of foreshadowing. Jamie said something to the affect of: I don't know why I didn't kill him, it just didn't seem as important at the time.
AT THE TIME! This is Jamie speaking to us from a future date.
Then they ran through the castle and had to jump in the water to get away. 
Jamie expects Claire to apologize but she won't. She does eventually give in and Jamie apologizes back to her for being so mad.
So now we have a still alive Jack who knows that Jamie is alive and he wants him dead.

Claire's Punishment:
Oh, snap! For those of you who read the books, you saw this coming. For those of you who didn't, what did you think of it? 
Honestly, after reading this scene and visually seeing it, I think that the writers did a great job of writing it so that it didn't cause as much of an uproar. 
I believe that the beating was necessary. It helps the character development, and let's be honest: who here actually likes Claire in the TV show?
This scene has caused a lot of controversy for years. In the book, they delve more into it (about Jamie liking it). And this made a lot of readers mad. They believe that no matter what era, Jamie had no right to punish Claire.
But me, personally, I think that he had his reasons. If Claire had lived there her whole life, she may have been beaten as a child (or nowadays, spanked). If it was a man that had put the entire group in jeopardy they would have killed them (if not, they would have seriously damaged his body by cutting off fingers, ears, hands, toes or whipped them). So Claire (who wanted to be viewed evenly anyways) was treated as the men would have been treated. I know it sucks, but it was punishment for disobeying orders. 
Many people may also be mad because Jamie liked it. This is also why people think that he is 'the original' Christian Grey. But Jamie didn't ever rape her or manipulate her thoughts in any way.
I honestly have nothing to say about Jamie liking it though. He does apologize later in this episode though.

The Road Back:
This is just a quick sidebar to talk about what they lost from the book. In the book they had Claire hurt so bad she couldn't ride. So, once again, they toned it down for television. Anyways, in the book they spent time on the road back. Claire stopped riding and Jamie said that he would walk with her. It gave them time to understand one another easier. Claire pulled Jamie's dirk out and told him that if he ever hurt her again she would kill him and eat his heart for breakfast. He then insisted that he give it back to her and promised that if he ever does hurt her again, he wants her to kill him. It was very heartwarming and made the flow of the story better in my mind. But instead, they put that scene in two awkward parts.

Colum vs Dougal:
Colum figured out about Dougal raising money for the Jacobite cause. And it wasn't pretty. They fought each other for most of the episode. Turns out that the youngest (who was first to go with Dougal) was telling Colum everything. Jamie then talked to Colum and made him give Dougal back the money. Dougal insists that it was all for Colum because he was the proper king. Colum did give Dougal the money back, but something tells me that he won't just give up that easily.

Who here actually likes her?
Honestly, because I hate her.
I get that she is just a young lass and she doesn't understand why Claire and Jamie are together, but she should move on. 
But I have to give her props for just putting herself out there like that. I mean, she must truly believe in herself and her body to just do that. She had on a cloak and some form of what I can only describe as lingerie from the 1700s.

But at the same time I hate her. I know that I dislike Claire as well, but I still have Claire and Jamie together from the books in my mind. 
Anyways, Jamie denied her, which I was happy with. But she ran away. She was utterly embarrassed and just desperate to leave.
But she has more in her than we all know.

The Sex Scene: 

In the books, this scene is very controversial (as well as the beating scene). But if you watched it without having read the book you don't know why.
So for a while, Claire has been giving Jamie the cold shoulder. I mean, he did beat her after all. I didn't expect her to just sleep with him right away.
So when Jamie and Claire did finally sleep together, they made it kind of kinky. Claire pulled a knife on Jamie and made him promise not to ever hurt her again.
But the problem with this for me, is (as I explained in The Road Back) that in the books this was done smoothly with Claire doing this, then Jamie promising. But in this scene, Jamie promised her because he realized that maybe there relationship was meant to be different than ones that he traditionally knows (score another point for Jamie).
But I think they did it this way in order to avoid the next controversial scene in the novel. In the books, when Jamie and Claire do have sex for the first time after the beating, it is somewhat... rough. I mean, Jamie tells Claire he can't be gentle so she says that's fine. But eventually Claire asks Jamie to stop because he is hurting her but he doesn't. But she ends up not caring and being lost in the moment and hurting him as well. The next morning neither of them are mad at the other, but many people think this is rape.
Anyways, as I said, I'm sure it was changed to avoid that. But just look at this image from the show:
Jamie is seriously too hot for his own good.
Anyways, they inserted some lines from the book (ex. the master line) which made me very happy. 
But alas, their happiness was short. Claire found something under the bed. Jamie realized it was an 'ill-wish.' Apparently, they are suppose to bring extreme bad luck or even death. Jamie threw it away and the episode ended.

What Will Happen Next?
Well, judging from some episode 10 pictures I saw online, big things are going to happen next episode. I mean: BIG!
Check out some of the pictures:

Comment below and let me know what you thought of this episode and what you think is going to happen next!

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