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Let's Talk about Marco Polo S1E1

Marco Polo S1E1
Let's Talk contains spoilers
This is the Netflix show I am reviewing this month.

I have had high hopes for this show since I saw the first trailer. If you viewed my blog before, you know that I love historical TV shows, which is funny being as I have always hated history class.

Anyways, here is a trailer for all of you who missed it:
For those of you wondering, the song is Arsonist's Lullaby by Hozier.
As you can see, the show looks epic, and I have seen a Netflix show previous to this, From Dusk Till Dawn, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I just haven't had time to start watching it, so I figured that now is a good time.

I have heard that it is like Game of Thrones (and if you know me, you know that is my all time favourite show). So let's see if it truly is.

In the first episode, we see lots of flashbacks; a dust scene (which just really caught my attention for some reason); the blind fighter; and the end to the episode.

This episode started with Marco Polo being walked in with his father and another man. They were being forced to face the leader (sorry, still not the best with the names).
I'm sure you've all seen him in the trailers:
Anyways, Marco Polo's dad then offers his son to stay in order for them to not be banished. The leader likes this because Marco Polo is a good story teller. 
But then the episode jumps back to flashbacks that last for a long time. I think this is really what dragged the episode down. It started strong and the flashbacks just dragged it on.

The Dust Scene:
I don't even think this scene is really very relevant, but I just wanted to note it because it was done very well. When Marco Polo was walking with his father and the huge dust storm came, I was just very fascinated. Every time that one of the men would come out, dust would follow without ever passing them.

The Blind Fighter:
Can I just say how incredibly awesome he was? 
He is teaching Marco Polo how to fight. He also fights a snake in the end of the episode. I mean, this guy is just outright cool. This was occurring at the same time that Marco was fighting his desire and lust in the whorehouse.
When he is teaching Marco how to fight, he states that Marco must let go of his father. He has to stop holding on to the fact that his father gave him away like dust. Then he will be a great fighter.

The End of the Episode:
The last 10 minutes really stood out to me mainly because of the whorehouse scene. The way the used visuals and colours to really make the scene stand out was incredible. Just look at the visuals:
I know this one looks fuzzy, but it is viewed through a screen
The colours they used couldn't be better. Lots of red and orange. Marco Polo is told to go to the whorehouse. So he goes in, and he finds the leader in there. The leader tells Marco that he must go back through the Hall of Five Desires. Marco Polo will be tempted (these woman were trained to do that), but he cannot touch anyone.
I kind of got a little Aladdin vibe (don't touch the gold!).
Anyways, Marco does leave and while this is happening, an attack is occurring.
I wasn't sure if this show would be good, but with so many little bits of good possibilities.

Lastly, I don't think it is like Game of Thrones. I didn't really see any real resemblance.

All of this bears the question:
Will I continue Marco Polo?
Yes, I will. I see too many good things in the trailer that look like it will end well. I just hope that all episodes aren't this slow.

Comment below and let me know what you think. Let me know what you thought of the first episode of Marco Polo.

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